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Welcome to the other files section. This is for stuff that did not fit anywhere else. Each item is given a quick description and the option to download it.

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Name Description Download
Runic Hunter D2Exp 1.03*New* A nice tool to help you figure the best ways to use runes, It lets you pick what runes you got and tells you what you can make. This latest version has many improvements and help extremly in your quest for rune fun. Download
InfoCeptor D2 Database The program is designed to help you calculate various activities in Diablo II. Download
Character Planner 2.2.1 The original program was created with the intent of helping people to plan out their characters and prevent any disappointments. Updated with much more features recently though. Download
Save Game Backup 1.4 This tool helps you safely and easily back up your saved games before hacking them. Download
Stat Calculator A nice tool to help calculate stats and etc. Download
History Saver 1.05 I nice complete tool that backs up saved games. Download
Glide Fix This fix will help people who had 1.02 working but then 1.03 the graphics got a little messed up. Download
MultiSave This will save your game multiple times allowing you to make changes each time. Do
Gate Selector Gate selector is a program that lets you see all the realms especially if you were missing some like a lot of people only have the asia or europe server. This lets you add USWest USEast Europe and Asia servers.
Path Changer Lets you change the path to your diablo 2 cd rom. Download
Resurector This is a hardcore Resurector that makes it so you can revive yourself. Download
Ear Recoverer Extracts your ears to item files. Download

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