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Since 7-13-2000

Old News

March 15th, 2001 9:15PM posted by 007Cheater

I told you I had another update for the day. Here are a ton of new PC mods :) Also for the email whether to keep those old mods email me here.
Added 1.05b stuff.

XYRAX v1.05 - more then 50 new items
resized and remapped allmost all act 1 underground levels
unused and uspawned monsters now appear
switch npc gfx and much more done with npcs(cain is now the wanderer and opposite) waypoints to cowlevel and chaos sanctuary have been ad diablo clones and diablo bosses now possible in the chaos sanctuary duriel and mephisto now appear in the cow level all diferent looking bosses appear on the auto map bigger stash and inventory and cube space Much More!

Hybrid - -This mod is specially for those people how like GBG but want it to have some other features except God Killing and God Mode. This Mod Comes with all 5 Classes (named after the classes, you will need to rename them using a Char editor).

GodsBeGone - This mod is used to kill pks specially those pesky 8million life F***ers. It features changes in some of the unique items making them GODLY this mod is a complete God mode making you unkillable and any one that hits you die, it also features an ability to find 90% more rare items then normally (only from monsters). It works only if you are host but the weapons speed seams to work also in other games you join. Other people will not see the item changes but will be effected by them as well so they may carry a Stone of Jordan and think the get 1+ skills but the actually get the same bonus as you +125 to skills Like this for every item but since most pks use only rare items(Yellow items) that is no need of concern.

DIablo 2 Disable - This allows you to disable the game to keep other people from playing it when your not there.

DarkHacker MegaMod - Originally derived from the Inventory expander has a ton of great featured in edition to the inventory expander.

March 15th, 2001
8:50 PM posted by 007Cheater

Holy SHEET long time no update. Well, after not hearing from me after almost years it seams like. I have so much to post I most post it. But, no more saved games and no more items unfortunately. No more time for that. Anyways for my first batch of updates I have new mac mods for the latest version of diablo 2 for the mac.

All items are rare - makes all items dropped rare ones.
All Set Items - makes all items dropped set items.
All unique - makes all items dropped unique ones.
All Exceptional - makes all items exceptionally unique.

As I said I have more to post :) Just be patient as you have been for a long time now :) I got a ton of PC Mods to post in a few minutes.

I also need to figure out how to get rid of all the old mods. Or should I just leave them?

Please email me if you say I SHOULD NOT release older versions of diablo mods and remove them off the site. It will surely save up a ton of space.

March 5th, 2001 5:50 PM posted by 007Cheater

Ok, I was practically begging for your guys to send me stuff the other day. Now I have way to much stuff. I would like to announce I am no longer running the item center as well as the save game section. It is to time consuming and I do not have enough time anymore. We have moved servers so I hope you guys found it ok. Umm... I have soooooooo much to update. I will try and get to it as SOON as I find a little bit of spare time to do it. I am really sorry but I do not have any time to run diablo 2 hacklist anymore. But, I will continue to update what I recieve and post it. It will just take some time.

February 17th, 2001 10:50 PM posted by 007Cheater

WOW, Long time no update. Im afraid it seams. The d2 hacking community is nearing an end. Maybe not the online one. But the normal one. But, If the expansion pack comes back any time soon. We will be the first to support it. Make sure you send all your files and etc. If you have any 1.05 mods you have converted feel free to send those. That would be very nice :)

Added All unique 1.05 patch for mac.

Added All rares 1.05 patch for mac.

Added Inventory Expander 1.0 for PC diablo 2 1.05.

There you have it guys. Im really sorry for the delay in updates but I have been really busy with

February 4th, 2001 12:00 AM posted by 007Cheater

Im releasing yet another hack or 2... or more. Gamble Hack and others. Here the are.

Yobguls Gamble Hack - Another hack. This has been out for a while but only hidden in the forums. This is a public release. This is a battle net hack. I repeat is!!

Exceptional Uniques - ok a mac mod. That makes GOOD uniques come up often. This is for 1.04 though.

Here are our first 1.05 mods.

Teknokyo Mod V1.30 here is whats new.

- New NPC and monsters to fight with.Golems and Golem Summoners, Rogues, Guards, Iron Wolfs ...etc.
- Almost all unreleased monsters the Blizzard left out are in the game. Lots more unique and champion level monsters in all areas to fight with.
- Ability to Hire NPC to fight for you in Act 4.
- Ability to Hire all 3 hireables in Acts 1-4 ... Randomly generated.
- More Chances of getting great Equipment including Exceptional Rares and Set Items in most areas and from monsters expecially Golems.
- Crypts and Mausoleum is a whole new experience ... huge mix of monsters in there including Unique and Champion level unique monsters ie. Champion Smiths.
- All Unique Items has better stats now ... better than 90% Exceptional rares. ie: Silks of Victor = 900+ armor.
- Lots more changes and additions like ability to buy mana potions ...etc.

XYRAX v1.02 - another update of 1.05 for pc. This adds support for it.

I also have a ton of saved games and item packs to post still. Its quite time consuming so I will post them later.

January 29th, 2001 5:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

I can't believe im about to do this. But, im releasing the latest battle net hack to the public. It currently allows you to gamble hack which lets you see what you are gambling for. There are many other things you can do with it. Download It!

Visit the Battle.Net Hacking Forum for exchanging your finding with this new specialized battle net hacking tool.

The diablo 1.04 trainer called nutcracker has been updated to 1.12 version and contains tons of fixes and new features. Download IT!

January 21st, 2001
7:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

I thought I would take this moment. To announce a program I have been working on for almost 4 years now. It was a huge work in progress. The details on this program are as follows.

"TUCL (The Ultimate Cheat List!) Is a giant cheat code database with over 17,000 cheats, codes, trainers, patches, reviews, uhs hints, game company info and many other things all in one simple program. Its simplete and really easy to use. It also has many advanced features and everything you could ever want in a cheat database and more. Did I mention it will generate a whole cheat code site for you. So, download it or you may be missing out on something."

Check out these screen shots to get an idea of what it looks like:
Screen Shot 1
Screen Shot 2

I highly recommend you try out this program and see how awesome it is. :) Have fun. TUCL Homepage

Download It!

January 20th, 2001 1:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Ok, quite a bit of updates for all your hungry hackers out there.

A big update to Jamela's D2 Editor 3.0 which makes this version 3.0. A big jump from it previous version. Here is whats new.

Fixed bug from NY2001 that crashed rare searches
Fixed set item creation bug from NY2001
Fixed missing bit of magic level
Increased Search Speed
New Searching Box and Functions
Search for Rare items across Magic Levels
Manually select a result
Show searching speed
Item Attribute History (32 Steps back)
Clipboard functions: Copy and Paste Items between Editors
Saves 1.03 Item in John Doe's Clipboard Format
Reads Copied Items from John Doe's Editor into the CopyBuffer with all gems
All 1.04 item are copied and pastes between two editors.
Shows and restricts experience levels on items
Draws a red frame around unusable items
Added following options to the Options Box
Permanently disable Association with d2s and item files
Disable ToolTips for the slow clickers
Remove lots of buggy messages
Added instance help text to
Magical Selection Box
Rare Selection Box
Advanced Search Box
Added a full inventory list to the Expert Box
Clear Functions

Download It!

Updated the Teknokyo Mod V1.10 to a newer version. Here is whats new.

- New Monsters and monster mechanics ... :)
- Monsters that fought for you now fight against you, Blood Golems, Iron Golems and Fire Golems
including Unique and Champion levels of all enemy golems ... some modifiers make-em real tough.
- New enemy NPC that summons Golems, Blood Summoner summons Blood Golems,
Evil Sorceress summons multiple Iron Golems and Dark Assassin summons Fire Golems.
- All unsummoned golems have hi % to drop set items and rares (95-100%)
- All Golem summoners have hi % to drop and rares (95-100%)
- Golems and golem summoners are available in Act1, Caves 4 and 5, and also thruout Act3 and Act4
... be prepared ... :)
- Created Nikita the Dark Assassin as the Crypt Boss ... have been wanting to do this since my 1st mod ... :)
- Toned down Hell level Mons HP to provide more fun and tradeoff for new Golems and summoners.
- NPC that fought for you now fight against you, Rogue, Guard and Red Coats(Iron Wolf).
- Hireables stats are somewhat changed/strengthened due to this.
- You get to fight almost all the monsters with completed gfx that were left out by Blizzard for some
- ALL Unique items provide better armor and damage and modifiers than most exceptional rares.
This make it worthwhile to get uniques ... afterall, uniques should be a lot better than rares.
ie. Silks of Victor = 900+ armor rating
- Lots more champion and unique level monsters now ... to provide more challenge and fun.
- More areas with hi percentage of exceptional rares from stash.
- Lots of other changes and still no newbification and item morphing ... :)

Download It!

Fixed the link to OPM Junkie's Diablo II Trainer and updated it.

Updated Lucifers Diablo 1.04 Trainer to a newer version and newer features.

January 14th, 2001 9:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Ok, something I have told you people many times. But there are still many new people of you who are comming to this site.
Incase you did not know we have a chat room. A chat room where people talk have fun and do things together. You can go and test out your mods or evern setup your own FSERV. You need MIRC or click the chat icon on the left.

In mirc type:
/join #listnetwork

You can setup an FSERV or exchange files. Come on its fun!!! Please try hanging out. Do not come in and just leave. Wait until someone is alive and start talking. You can fit right in and maybe be part of the team as some have done already.

January 12th, 2001
10:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Talk about the diablo 2 scene picking back up. We got more 1.04 stuff for you people. It school weekend so I have time to work on all of my sites.

Added Master Tool 1.55 For Diablo 2 1.04 which contains new features and new support.\

Added OPM Junkie's Diablo II Trainer which is yet another 1.04 trainer for diablo 2.

Added a new 1.04 mod called XYRAX v1.00 which contains some of the following features.

more then 50 new items
resized and remapped allmost all act 1 underground levels
unused and uspawned monsters now appear
switch npc gfx and much more done with npcs(cain is now the wanderer and opposite) waypoints to cowlevel and chaos sanctuary have been ad diablo clones and diablo bosses now possible in the chaos sanctuary duriel and mephisto now appear in the cow level all diferent looking bosses appear on the auto map bigger stash and inventory and cube space Much More!

Download It!

Added a new 1.04 mod called
Gods be Gone 1.01 Which contains features letting you kill god moders. Download It!

Well, guys keep sending in your mods for 1.04 and other neat 1.04 things. It is really appreciated. We are almost at the 1 million hit mark :)

January 11th, 2001 5:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Finally another update. Well, unfortunately there is not much to update. But, I got a mac hack and pc trainer that support the new trainer and editor.

Added BZ's Editor for mac which supports 1.04! Download It!

Added D2Nut Cracker trainer update which contains new features and bug fixes. This also support 1.04 version of diablo 2. Download It!

I would like to take this moment. To tell you that although the D2 Hacking community is falling down. Fear now It will return some time. Anyways, Sorry I have not personally been involved in the community for I see it has been falling appart leaving it in the hands of some of our loyal members. Although Diablo 2 May be no more I will continue to update now as we are on a new server now :)

Also, on one LAST NOTE!! IF you want 1.04 mods. Email the authors or something ahhhh! Come on mod makers update your mods to the latest version of diablo 2 already. Even though you have no more interest. There are people who still have not experienced the full features of diablo 2 modding.

January 8th, 2001 10:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Hey guys, Long time no update. Sorry about that but no one is sending me anything :( IM so sorry. I added jamellas editor a while back. But I got a G/F now and her name is Shannon I love her so much :) She is my angel. No if you want to email her and congradulate her. Send her an email here.Thanks she will love it.
Anyways, here are the updates added. Very brief. SEND IN NEW STUFF SO I CAN POST DANGET!!!!

All unique 1.04 patch for mac
All set 1.04 patch for mac
All rares 1.04 patch for mac

December 27th, 2000 6:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

OK well, I have some new updates for you. Most of it 1.04 stuff but not to much because of the awaiting of 1.05.

Added CyberHex 104 1.04 mod
Added d2nutcracker v0.9 1.04 trainer
Added Lucifers Diablo 1.04 Trainer
also 1.03 trainer by mi2.
Added MI2's Diablo 2 Trainer 1.5 for Diablo 1.03

Added Jamela's D2 Editor 1.999C00 which adds support for 1.04 of diablo 2. Hopefully other authors will fix there editors as well.

Added a 1.04 mod of Teknokyo Mod V1.1 which you can download.

Sorry for no details. Getting rather busy.

December 21st, 2000 6:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

OK, as you all know 1.04 has finally been released. Mods no longer work. I have also heard many complaints about it causing game problems and another release comming out soon. So, I have spoke with a few mod makers and they think we should wait before porting our mods to the newest version of the game until maybe the next release. If you think we should waste our time converting them. If you think other wise please post your thoughts on the mod making forum. As for mod makers if you wish to send me version 1.04 versions of your mods go ahead and mail them to me.

Also, one last note I have a few new things to post. I have a g/f now and I have to run my other BIG list sites. But, fear not I will post them. I hope I can find some good webspace soon to.

December 15th, 2000 6:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry, for the lack of updates yet again. My file server was still not anywhere is sight. I am using a temp one yet again. I am still in need of a place to host files. It is appreciated.

Added new mod called Teknokyo Mod V1.00 which does the following things:

Crypt and Mausoleum in Burial Grounds:
- Crypt and Mausoleum in Burial Grounds now has huge area.
- More than 20 monster types can appear in each of these areas now.
- Uniques of special monsters that is not possible on Diablo 2.
- Almost all items retrieved from Barrels, Weapon/armor stand, Graves etc are Rare
including Exceptional Rares possible
- Uniques and champion level for unique monsters possible.
- Frequency of monsters types and uniques has been increased.
- Some other changes.

Changes to Overall Game
- Hell Level monsters has 4x more HP and provides 4x more EXP points.
- Some Changes to Unique items with a few items has 10 magical/specials abilities.
- Some other changes.

Download It!

Added a new mod called Evil NecroPriest Sarumanīs mod 1.0 which does the following things:

All that is known is unique's were changed as well as values. Im pretty sure various other things were changed as well.

Download It!

Updated BahamutZERO's Mac Editor to Beta 6. Download It

I have finally got around to adding dwords to the dword page of item center. I am currently also making a deal with D2 Trading Post of working together. So that item center is the best.

Check out the dwords!

Updated the monstats tutorial as well. Check it out in modmaking.

December 10h, 2000 9:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry, no updates right now. But, it appears former cheatlist employes: Holy, Miles, and XUDUX have turned on cheatlist. As a team effort they tried to distroy and demolish it. Luckily the damage was small we only lost moderators. But, I was able to save everything else. We have even more strict rules in the chat room because of this. I tell you. DO NOT GO IN #cheatlist unless you want to cuss out holy, xudux, or miles.

As you may notice we lost some news from our main page.

Anyways the new chat room.

To go to the new chat room use the regular stuff.

In mirc type:
/join #listnetwork

You can also click the link on the left of Thank you for staying with us.

December 7th, 2000 4:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Well, we got a few new mods today. For some reason I thought we had a big update. But, it got small suddenly.

Anyways we got 2 more mods today.

Lazy Killers 5 Pack mod which is:

This mod allows you to skill ppl who join the games that you HOST. There are mods available for the Barbarian, Necromancer, Paladin, Sorceress, and now the | Amazon. All of the characters Ive provided are ready to go. All if them have the ability | to kill with the weapon provided very easily.

Download It!

Killer Mods which:

is kinda like evil englishman's but it has hacked items for a barb necro and amazon.

Download It!

Come to the chat room already! so many visitors but no one hanging out! join our team by stayin in the chat room.

December 4th, 2000 6:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

More and more updates just keep on comming. Keep them comming guys. Many people havent been able to download from the main mirror. I have changed the second mirror to the first one until we get our files server back up. Anyone willing to give me ftp access to over 300mb worth of files would be welcome.

First off EvilEnglishMan Has given us a nice mac only mod. It is called Jungle Fever Which has the following features:

This mod features all monsters in act 1 changed for spiders and fetish's. Itemratio is changed so that lots of rares and uniques are dropped. Books can hold 70 scrolls. And a few other surprises. Hidden in the game is a set of items called 'Death Razor' with items for all classes. I have pre-made a set of characters wearing the death razor items, which you can optionally download

Download It!

A new mod has been released for the PC as well. It would be called GBC Mod. Here is whats it all about:

There was no descriptions but from what I read there seams to be new items and other additions. Readme file is rather cluttered.

Download It!

Jamela's D2 Editor has had quite a large up. It updates a slew of new features and bug fixes as well as adding improved detail to the customization of hacking saved games. Its now one of the greatest editors alive.
Download It!

Also in the backuping of saved games. The saved game backup has been notched up 2 numbers and is now 1.4.
Download It!

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