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Since 7-13-2000

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November 29th, 2000 4:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Talk about mac oramo and the return a favorite cheatlist tool.

The awesome Item Creator by cheat list has been updated!!! it contains a slew of new features to make you rethink what kinds of sweet items are really in the game. Generate items with speed and greatness :)
Item Creator 1.91 is out! Download It!

Added a new mod for mac. It is called All Shrines Gems mod. It does what it says. Makes all shrines no matter what be gem shrines.
Download it!

Added another mod for mac which is a pc to mac port. Called Boss Madness. It has the following features and could be the best mac mod yet.

This all started as a stupid bit of fun. I made 250 chickens appear in town. Taking it further I added Andarial to the monsters that appeared on the blood moor. I later added Mephisto, Duriel and a load of cows. I've increased the number that appear as well, don't be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by 5 or 6 mephisto's at once. Also if you are wearing 2 stone of Jordans you will find a stupid amount of rare items. Books can hold 70 scrolls Arrows can be stacked in quantities of 4000 Warning----could cause a lot of lag.

Download It!

Last the nice tool for backing up your games and a nice editor as well. The History Saved has been updated with a few features that can make your mouth water.

Download It!

Visit Our Chat Room And HAng Out!!!
Use irc.
channel: #cheatlist

Visit the link on the left more for info. Hang out. Get cool software.

November 27th, 2000 5:03 PM posted by 007Cheater

Boy, have we got a big update for you today. Lots of new stuff special thanks to klay and infoceptor.
First for our mac fans. I would like to say. Someone has decided to release a new mod for 1.03c!

All Set Items mod for 1.03c. Download It!

I have also remove my all unique items. I made that mod incorrectly. I am very sorry. I have been very busy and had not been able to finish. I did however port one mod for you :)

Brand new mod by KLAY!

Ultimate Death Gear Mod by klay. What it does.

Sent in by klay which is a really nice mod which adds new features to the game. Incredible spells and other things.

Download It!

Updated the Unique Items Editor to 91e. Download It!

Added a new tool in the misc files section called InfoCeptor D2 Database which helps you calculate various activities.
Download It!

Added Character Planner 2.2.1 which helps you plan out your perfect character. This has many enhancements the original did not have. So check it out and have some fun. Download It!

November 23rd, 2000 4:03 PM posted by 007Cheater

Ok, here is some new stuff to keep your hearts in shape. Hopefully klay will start sending his cool mods which someone us got to try. They are really cool.

Updated the saved game backup tool to 1.2 which fixes a ton of bugs and many improvements to the gui.
Download It!

Added a new mod called Necromanceress Mod v1.0 by JBHernandez1 which does the following:

This mod comes with a character with the edited gear. i changed ALOT of the names.. most of the normal items have a new name. Most of the menus have different stuff written... there are a few surprises (try to activate the gem) for you to look for... It also has three new sorceress spells in the ice category. there is Bone Fury to replace frozen orb. There is Bone Flare that replaces Ice Blast and Glacial Spike is now an icy pellet gun that shoots little pellets that do no damage(i think) but freeze enemies for a long time(i think but i dont know how long). there are edited items in the sorc and she has around level 317 skills. She also cant be killed and she can kill gods with the thorns damage, providing they attack her with melee. there are bugs that some of the names are screwy (like cain- not xlated call ken) but they dont really crash your game or anything and im lasy to fix it so maybe in a new version of mod.. if there are any bugs, go to forums in mod making and report them. i dont really like to check my mail often but i do go to the furms everyday so you can report them there. other than that, have fun with the mod and try to discover all of the crazy name secrets.. hehe

Download It!

Well, its not much but its news none the less. If you wish for daily news on other things relating to blizzard or gaming. Visit our main page

November 22nd, 2000 4:03 PM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry, I have not been posting yet again. But no one has been sending me anything. I finally got something from this nice fella. He sent me a saved game backuper tool.

This lets you backup your saved games before screwing with them.
Download It!

I would like to point the fact that many people are still getting into this groove. Hopefully new people will bring light and shed some fun upon us again.

Maybe that would be TechWarrior but I have no spoken with him for a long time now.

I also got the items sections back up and running and the saved game section back up and running.

People have been complaining that the links do not work. Its not that they do not work but they just do not start auto matically anymore. You need to click the thing that says here. I will fix that flaw at a later time.

I would like to say HANG IN THERE and we will be back with more stuff asap.

*begging now*

Please send me any mods you been making or have made. I mean you will get thosands of downloads. If you have anything thats not on this site well send it in. It wont hurt any. If it helped you it can help anyone.

Send them to

November 16th, 2000 1:03 AM posted by 007Cheater

OK fans, Things are starting to pickup again. We are getting many downloads bla bla bla. Anyways I believe now diablo 2 hack list is now 100% functioning like new. All the links now work and the forums are up.

The item center links are working so you can browse our item collection as well as the saved games are up and you ca begin downloading those.

If you have trainers or editors not posted here. Feel free to send them in. Mods to.

You will get over 400 downloads within a day.

November 12th, 2000
1:03 AM posted by 007Cheater

You thought I would never update again. Did'nt you?
Well, im back. As most of you have yet to find the site still. We await for the domain name to get fixed.

Meanwhile I got some updates for you.

Added Sins Of Angels 090b mod : Makes most items dropped by monsters rare ones,Many other great neat things. Download It!

Added Necro Patch Mod :
1.) Fallen Shamen one hit killers
2.) Diablo unbeatable so no one can end your game
3.) Raise one or more golems at the same time
4.) Golems undefeatable
5.) Shoot 220000 Teeth
6.) Golems are stronger
7.) Other char skills are blocked.
Download It!

Added Boss Madness Mod: This all started as a stupid bit of fun. I made 250 chickens appear in town. Taking it further I added Andarial to the monsters that appeared on the blood moor. I later added Mephisto, Duriel and a load of cows. I've increased the number that appear as well, don't be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by 5 or 6 mephisto's at once. Also if you are wearing 2 stone of Jordans you will find a stupid amount of rare items.
Download It!

I also thought id let you know. What blizzard did was totally uncalled for. Making me work hard as hell to get the site back.

There is a surprise waiting for those people who could not find that special hack.

November 6th, 2000
1:03 AM posted by 007Cheater

Unfortunately blizzard shut down our site for that short period of time because of the fact that blizzard sent an email. I thought we were protected but I guess not. Im so sorry fans im as sad as you are :(

Hello, We wrote you because you are the webmaster of . We've got mail from Havas Interactive, Inc, USA, in which we were told that the site infringes Blizzard Entertainments copyrights due to distributing "hacks" which illegally modify and/or alter Blizzard Entertainment products.

Blizzard requested that the site should be removed/disabled.

Please contact us and tell your position

So the site was down for 8 hours :(

So, say good bye to the bnet closed hacks :(

November 4th, 2000
1:03 AM posted by 007Cheater

It seams that the rest of the diablo 2 hacking has died down. But the rest is starting up again.
XuDuX is adding dwords to the dword page after I yelled at him for a long period of time.

Updated the Unique Items Editor to .91 which has some changes. Download It

Updated the mac crazy nut jobs editor to 1.01f of the sort. Download It!

As for other things someone sent in this neat character that has some kind of tranformed ring not sure exactly its suposefly some kind of neat ring. Download It!

We on hacklist have found another dupe trick bug. It can be found here.

Tech warrior is back and ready to make some neat stuff happen :) Expect something soon.

We are lack of updates. If you have anything to contribute to the site feel free to do so. Anything diablo 2 related would be cool.

November 2nd, 2000 1:03 AM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry, no updates. Been working a lot now. But... no updates this post. But we have been doing a lot to the forums and lots of people like them. We had to reinstall all hacks but thats ok. Anyways we are not done. But something you might want to know is we changed irc servers. The one we were using was really annoying and sometimes frusterating.

So come join us now.

It is:
channel #cheatlist still.
Click chat on the left to get more detailed instructions.

October 29th, 2000 1:03 AM posted by 007Cheater

These hacks are big.

This battle net hacking is going everywhere. There is an article on planetdiablo and infocepter regarding our recent hacking ordeals.

I have heard many people are hating me for posting these realm hacks as many people think im cool. Im not doing it for the ruin of blizzard. Im doing it so
1. Blizzard will get off there buts and fix these bugs before they happen.
2. Keep the diablo 2 hacking community alive.

To show my dedication to the community I have created a brand new forum just for battle net hacking. Infact we have a lot of smart people hacking away at it now. Me myself am working on a hack that makes mods work on closed battle net. Just a hint. But, who knows if it will work. These packet editors are the best place to start. Plus, if you have game hacking experience you should have no problem with the rest of these things.

The kangero mod has had a huge update with the following features:

-Changed the inventory size for the katana. I changed it because I now have an inventory picture for it. The katana was originally a 4x1 item. Now it's a 3x2 item. Be aware of this if you happen to have a katana in your inventory because the new size may cause it to overlap with another item and newbie your character. You may want to move the katana away from everything else in your inventory if you're carrying one.

-Changed enemies that appear in the cow level. Of course, the cows still appear, but fighting multiple Izuals, Mephistos, and especially Duriels made the stage too hard. Therefore, I made clones of Andarial, Duriel, and Diablo and made them appear there instead. Andarial can also appear in Act 4 as a regular enemy. The new duriel appears as just a head, so I named the cloned Duriel, Duriel Head.

Taking a hint from a suggestion someone gave me, I changed all the scythes in the game so that they now add to necromancer skills like the wands, the bone mace, and the grim mace. This now means (I think) that the Barabarian's polearm mastery won't affect the damage for these 4 particular weapons, but they make more sense for a necromancer anyway.

-Added entirely new prefixes and suffixes. New suffixes include: of DOOOOOM!!! of improvement of cheap learning of the steroid of the Flame of Burning

New prefixes are: Satanic Absorber Blinding Scorching Infernal Hellish Unbounded Rising Eternal Syberian Cyrogenic Retardant Airless Stormed Olympian Masking Mushroom Zodiac

A note about adding new prefixes and suffixes: This will most likely cause the abilities of any magic or rare items you're carrying to change much like altering the ratios that magic, rare, unique, and set items drop changed them.

This new version, as well as all future versions includes hacked versions of the D2client.dll, D2Common.dll and D2game.dll files to go along with the Patch_D2.mpq file. These dll files have to be put into the Diablo 2 directory as well. I also included an install and uninstall file with the mod so people won't have to make backups and rename so many files themselves.

Plus Much More. Download It!

October 27th, 2000 6:03 PM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry about the delay. Its about 18 hours a little off but so what.

Want to increase your speed on battle net and blow everyone away by not running out of stamina. Well get the hacs.
TechWarrior has done it again. Lets hope it does. Download It!

Not only that but, we have released 3 tools that can help you make YOUR OWN battle net or multiplayer hacks. Most online hackers use these tools. Many of you have heard of the first one but the second one is for the big leagues.

The first one is:

Winsock Packet Editor - One of the first packet editors ever made. The person no longer makes this so its not very advanced. Its what most people are using right now. Its what many people in the forum just found out about. I thought you all knew about it already but I guess not. I have knew abuot it for a while. Anyways... Download It!

The second one is:

NetXRay - The most proffesional tool for editing packets to cheat in your online games. This is used by many famous online hackers. This is what many of our big league hackers have been using. Serial Number: 1D-10002606-VMUSnB (7.32mb) Download It!

The third one is:

EtherPeek - Yet another great tool. This one is just as good and as popular as NetXRay. You can do just as many things and its a great program. You need a serial number for the demo: C00X0-AXA88-AZ0L2 Download It!

Feel free to discuss these things and share info of your findings in the forum.

Have fun and see if blizzard can stop us now :)

Also, visit the chat room and hang out with us. We like company. Maybe exchange ideas or even work with us at cheatlist.

October 26th, 2000 7:03 PM posted by 007Cheater

More updates yay! but sadly the updates are slowly dying. But, we will in the end prevail.

Visit the chat room guys and forums. They need you. Participate and ask questions. Keep this community alive.

Anyways enough talk.

Updated Jamela's D2 Editor to 1.8b which contains a ton of improvements and changes. Download It!

Added a new mod called "Life is not to hard" which makes life playing Diablo 2 easier. Download It!

On a side note.

Something big is about to be released!!...It will revolutionize the way we play games online. What could it be? find out in about 18 hours when it is officially released. Do not ask just wait!

October 23rd, 2000
6:33 PM posted by 007Cheater

Well lots of mod updates today. This is partly due to the fact that people who are in the forum finally sent them in :) Also, they did horrible jobs for giving me descriptions. But, I tried my best from the file names.

Added new mac editor or tool of some type called Crazy Nut Job 1.0 b1. Download It!

Updated the mod making tool called Skill Maker with tons of fixes and additonal features. Download It!

Added new mod called Duel's Mod. -
I guess this has something to do with duels. Download It!

Added a new mod called Ender Of Gods - This ends all gods I believe. Lets you be the one who is the god. Download It!

Added a new mod called Little Sister - a mod that appears to make some chick that you play as really power full. Download It!

Added a new mod called God Kill Amazon - I suppose this lets you be a very deadly amazon. Download It!

Added a new mod called Tweaky Mod - a total conversion of a type. Lots of new items and many other neat things. Download It!


October 18th, 2000 11:46 PM posted by 007Cheater

Updated a few things.

First of all for mac fanatics I update BZ's Diablo 2 Editor with a few bug fixes and updates.Download It!

Added a brand spankin new editor called jamella's editor. It is an awesome editor giving a new term to the fact that john doe's is no longer the best. But this is not the best but it rocks!! Download It!

Updated Lucifers Diablo 2 Trainer for the longest time with new features etc. Download It!

Updated Table Editor to 1.02 which fixes some of the annoying bugs that occured when starting. Download It!

No news on battle net hacks. Just keep checking back. It will be here when the time is right :)

October 14th, 2000
6:40 PM posted by 007Cheater

Yo, guess what blizzard fixed the hack as you can see :( Here is a quote on the forums about it.

"Sat Oct 14 15:10:45
All Realms have been updated with new software that breaks the
Realm hostility hack.

Web Designer "

007Cheater Quote: "You can count on more so do not stop comming we will keep making more until blizzard fixes them all"

October 13th, 2000 6:40 PM posted by 007Cheater

Yo, guess what we got a first battle net hack here. The real one.
This lets you go hostile anywhere. Blizzard is working on a fix as we speak so use it while you can.
Its called switch and it lets you go hostile anywhere. I will post this only in the news because it will be useless
when blizzard fixes it.

Download It!

Also updated d2 mod organizer with the following things.
Added Remove Mod Button
No longer gives error 5X/7X file not found/path not found
Download It!

Got a new tutorial on the monster stats text file. It is a little messy so I decided to leave it in text format.
View it!

October 11th, 2000
4:20 PM posted by 007Cheater

Updated Clan Moms D2 Editor which I was told is one of its last releases. It is not planned for another release. The source code is also now availible for download.

Download Clan Mom D2 Editor 1.10!

Download Clan Mom D2 Editor Source Code!

October 10th, 2000
5:20 PM posted by 007Cheater

Macs users get prepared to be happy !!! Because guess what.

I have ported two of my mods to 1.03c version for ya 'all so lets get em dudes.

Added Unique Items Mod by 007Cheater for mac diablo 2 version 1.03c. Download It!

Added 007Cheater Ultimate Mod for mac diablo 2 1.03c Download It!

Feel free to discuss these in the mac forums.

October 10th, 2000
3:20 PM posted by 007Cheater

No updates for a while but now here you go. Only 2 of them and to prove diablo world does steal files from us.

Updated Clan Mom D2 Editor with a slew of new features. Download It!
Quote from the author : "Here's release 1.05 of ClanMom's D2Editor. It now supports item import/export, as well as point and click item selection."

Added new mac editor called item socketer. Download It!

October 5th, 2000 10:20 PM posted by 007Cheater

Lots of updates today and lots off stuff many people had been bugging me about like forever.

2 Mods Updates, 2 Mod Making Updates, 2 Editor Updates, 2 Misc File updates, 1 Battle Net Realm Cheat Update, Notice to gay sites reading this news and stealing files.

Added new diablo set mod which is new mod adds tons of new items and gives you characters who already have them equipped.
Download It!

Updated Kangero Mod wth various bug fixes and additions. Download It!

Added a new Skill Maker tool for mod making which lets you easily create and edit skills. Download It!

Updated Table Editor with various more bug fixes and improvements. Download It!

Updated Clan Mom D2 Editor with a slew of new features. Download It!

Updated the Item Calculator plugin for john doe's editor with bug fixes and updates. Download It!

Added a new tool called stat calculator which aids you in perfectly calculating the best stats that you want.
Download It!

Added a new tool called History Saved 1.03 which helps aiding in backing up your games fast and easy with other neat advanced features. Download It!

Added a new tutorial on how to dupe on realms. Check It out!

Note To File Thiefs:

Hi, I know tons of you sites out there come here and steal your files from here. Do you have no moral knowlege to even give a link back to this site after stealing the files. You know who you are. I mean would you even have all the files you had without this site. No, I do not think so. If you had any thing of a respectfull self you would at least give a link back to us and keep the copyrights in the zip files.

September 30th, 2000
1:20 PM posted by 007Cheater

Well we got more editors and stuff galore. First off we got updates then we got new stuff.

I have added a link to the mac forum for people who did not know it existed.

Updated Juicy's Editor to version 1.75 which contains many features it was once missing. Download It!

Updated Wamplace SGE 1.1 Beta 1 to a newer version with new features and such. Download It!

Added Clan Mom Editor 1 which is a pretty neat editor with tons of unique features. Download It!

Added Zarkow D2 Editor Beta 2 which is an editor that goes beyond the part of good. Its totally different by helping you get the most out of your character. Download It!

Added a much better plugin for John Doe's Item Editor which automaticaly calculates item type and set/uniq id from the mpq(mod) and by doing so, simplified the process of adding item pack with that has new stuff added (+weapon +armor +misc +set +uniq) mod of yours.
Download It!

Updated Unique Items Editor to version 0.9 which has lots of bug fixes and enhanced features. Much better then last release. Download It!

Big update yes? Feel free to visit our chat and our forums. The community needs ya :)

All content on this site is © 2000 You may not take nor use any of the information and or files from this site without permission from the webmaster and there individual owners.