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Since 7-13-2000

Older News!

September 28th, 2000 11:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Well we got some new editors on the way. Meanwhile check out our new mods. I have gotton a file for the mac patch file. I need to know which mods you WANT THE MOST to be converted to mac 1.03c. Tell me or forever hold your piece.

Added Kangero Mod which has over 74 new items into the game and other features. Download It!

Added Mad Cow Disease which makes you get almost always a unique item or rare item. Download It!

Added Kyles Mod Which enhances your playing experience by changing some of the most annoying parts of d2. Download It!

Added 8 player mod which lets you play the game and get usuall exp and other things that you would only get with 8 players. This now happens if you are alone. Download It!

Also, I have noticed many people have been makin there own mods etc. Feel free to submit your mods / tools / tutorials to diablo 2 hack list! We would love them.

September 27th, 2000
9:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Well, as you have noticed I have changed my pace for updating. Im a little lazy lately and I have been working on getting all the other list sites up and running and trying to get rid of these damn hackers.

Updated PSI DC6 Converter. Download IT!

Updated Mod Creation Kit to version .05. Download It!

Updated TBL Editor to version 1.0. Download It!

I have also recieved a few mods and will post those when I have more time.

Also many of you are wondering about your versions of diablo 2 being 1.03c. If you would like to send me your patch file I will update all the version to work with your mac.

September 24th, 2000 5:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

I was asked to remove crymson's mods and I did they are no longer on the mods page. If you would still like them visit

Anyways I have recieved a few new mods and I know you guys are anxious for an update. To tell you the truth I really do not have much to update with at the moment. I update everything on 21st so its like crazy.

Anyways i have a few things to update I will do it later.

Also please check out our chat room guys. Its KICK ASS we need some more people to hang out and chat with us cool people. Including me.

September 21st, 2000 5:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

OK here is MOD DAY!! At least thats what I call it for today. We have a ton of mods and so many I do not know how to tell you about them all. I would like to state something for a second. Everything on the site is submitted to me. If you have something thats not on the site it would be appreciated if you submit it because it just helps us out. The more you submit the more we update =)
You see how it works. So if you got a great mod / editor / trainer send it in.

Updated the tool for converting DC6 files the PSI DC6 converter has been updated. Download It!

Updated Phrozen Heart's mod to include bug fixes and lots of changes. Download It!

Added Class Mod 1.0 Beta which changes the current character classes and modify's them quite a bit. Adding new things and more.
Download It!

Added Diablo 2++ Alpha 3.1 Mod which is a nice mod with some of the features being changes to existing Character - improving various aspects of the game (gems, potions etc.) - New suffixes and prefixes. Download It!

Added Eastern Sun v1.31 Mod - which is a great total conversion that completely modifys the game in many aspects.
Download It!

Added Flame Thrower Mod which makes all crossbows into flamethrowers. And it includes the Wolf helm. A way to demonstrate the power of mod making.
Download It!

Added Fusion Mod 1.0 - which is another complete total conversion of great proportion. Download It!
Download It!

Added SunnyWeatherMod v1.00 09-21-2000 - This makes the weather constantly cloud free.
Download It!

Added Tactics mod 1.2 09-21-2000 - yet another total conversion mod and another great one at that.
Download It!

Added Tactics Mod: Tyrbo Edition 09-21-2000 - Im guessing this is similar to the tactics mod above but modified the way tyrbo wanted it. Download It!

Added Tactics Mod: Viny Edition 09-21-2000 - once again the same as above but customized to the liking of those.
Download It!

Added Tyrbo Beta 1.3 09-21-2000 - Makes playing through Normal an extended and challenging odyssey.
Download It!

Well, I hope you apreciate the updates :) a way of putting complete details for the mods before downloading is comming soon.

September 20th, 2000
5:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Tons of mods being added. Its appears the mod scene is getting really popular and we were the start of it. Go figure.

EIther way I have created a new section on the site specifically for mod making. The mod tools as well as the editors are all in this new section rather then in the sections they were in.

WIth the new category we have some tool updates.

Updated Lighty's mod creation kit to version .02. Download It!

Added PSI DC6 Converter which just like the other dc6 converter but with a nice interface and ability to browse images.
Download It!

Updated Unique Items Editor to version 0.8 with tons of new features. Download It!

I have received a ton of mods as well and im going to post them asap. This scene should be getting better and better. Also im trying to figure out how I can make it so that we support 1.04 mods when that version of diablo comes out ya know?

Anyways also added a new forum for mac users. Check It Out!

I got word on a new editor comming out soon its quite nice actually and its has tons of features. It didnt support save the one I tested but its got a nice future ahead.

Also, sorry about the lack of updates this TUCL programming is really hard work. Im almost done with it.

On last thing I made 3 seperate pages for old news the one I had currently was getting a little big. Anyway you can check those out.

September 15th, 2000 4:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Updated the new editor called Wamplace SGE to version 1.0a9 which is a kick ass editor that gets the job done and is hosted by It contains various bug fixes and improvements.
Find more info about it here.
Or Just Download It!

Updated the Mod Editor to version 3.0 which comes with the following updates.
I made a big change to the program i remove the tabs from the program
as i got a lot of e-mails about and error with the tab control so on the
menu click edit after you open an mpq file and you will see the files you
can edit.

Removed the backup option this option was not working in the new program
when i tried to you the save dialog the program whould lookup that is also
way the open dialog is not the windows version

Removed the inventory from the character option as the used the tab
control i have to find a way to display the information with out useing

Added new option for unique, gems, and magic items to let you change how
much damage, light ECT. the items can do

Added some limits to some option they will have scroll bars next to them
you have to use the scroll bars to change them.

If you have an older version you can uninstall it

Download It!

Updated D2 Mod Edit to version .04 which includes the following new things.

Fix: All the problems with the update button and the update mod menu item.
- Added a save changes dialog if a mod was changed and the user opens/creates another mod.
- Fix: The Add/Remove buttons were still disabled after creating a new mod.
- Fix: The update button was not enabled after changing the mod information.
- Added a export button which allows to export any file from a module.
- The taskbar button now has the same text as the window title.
This makes it easier to identify multiple instances of Diablo 2 editor.
Thanks to Lord Jimbo for the idea.

Download It!

Added the forum link for the mods to the forums section.

September 12th, 2000 6:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Added a new forum for mod making and tips help exc. Check It Out!

Added a new editor called Wamplace SGE 1.0a8 which is a kick ass editor that gets the job done and is hosted by
Find more info about it here.
Or Just Download It!

Added a new mod creation kit by lighty its an awesome kit which includes tools for image editing and many other things the other mod creation kit does not include.
Download It!

Added a new mod called dark mod UD this is dark mods regular mod but people requested that he remove the experience part of the mod be removed.
Download It!

September 10th, 2000
3:30 AM posted by 007Cheater

Updated John Doe's Item Editor to version 3.12 with the following things:

* Prefix/suffix searching on spears was mistakenly disabled when disabling it on throwing weapons and non-equipable items. This has been fixed.

Download It!

September 9th, 2000 10:30 PM posted by 007Cheater

Updated DiabolicAll to version 1.15a and fixes some major bugs with the installer and help files. Download It!

Added new glide fix for 1.03 for people who had diablo 1.02 graphics working fine and then 1.03 messed it up. Download It!

September 9th, 2000 10:05 PM posted by 007Cheater

Added some more trainers for this long never ending update after update. Fixed MAC download links in earlier news.

Added D2 Master Tool 1.3 which is the nice god mode trainer for battle net and single player. This new version works with diablo 1.03 and
adds a ton of new features as well as removed annoying features. Download It!

Added DIImonic3 a basic god mode trainer. Download It!

September 9th, 2000 9:05 PM posted by 007Cheater

Update heaven today don't you think? Well we got some new editors for you.

Added Evil B's Item Editor which is a basic item editor that helps organize and etc. Download It!

Added Diabolic Editor 1.14 Download It! also you need the update package 1.15 before using it.
This is a very nice new editor with a great future and has nice ways to backup your characters and edit them. You can even see all your characters in a list instead of searching for them. It has cool sounds and graphics which add to its originality.
A major update is expected later tonight.

Added Stealth's character editor a very basic but kind of good editor with the same bells and whisles as the rest. You can pass this one by if you want. Download It!

September 9th, 2000
8:05 PM posted by 007Cheater

Added some new mods and updated mod tools and added mod tools. They are as follows.

Added Unique Items Mod Editor. This lets you edit the unique items and other neat things inside the mods. Download It!

Updated the TBL editorto version. .02! Download It!

Added Enquettar Frontend which is a front end for using the enquettar table editor. Download It!

Added new mod called Diablo Doll which changes the image of wirts leg to a doll and possibly other things. Download It!

Added new mod called Phrozen Heart's TSOB 2 which makes most items dropped by monsters rare ones, Players don't lose experience on death at higher difficulty levels, Players don't suffer resistance penalties at higher difficulty levels. Download It!

September 9th, 2000
7:05 PM posted by 007Cheater

Updated mac hacks section with some more stuff.

Added Diablo II Cheater 1.0 which does the following things:
Version 1.0 can edit your stats, gold, waypoints, quests,
and skills. Items are on the way in 2.0.

Download It!

Added a mac character renamer for mac which lets you rename your characters. Download It!

Added a mac server selector allowing you to select the server you want to go on with battle net. Download It!

Lots more updates soon.

September 6th, 2000
4:45 PM posted by 007Cheater

OK, we got some kick ass mods. I have decided to release all those mods I made into one super mod. I hope you all like it.

Added .TBL editor to help you edit those files in your d2 mpq's Download It!

Added 007Cheater's Ultimate Mod which does the following: This is the ultimate hack created by me. It first of makes all defencsive items to there maximum ability. Second it makes all weapons of the items you have do there max damage as well as makes hardcore and hell a little easier. Stuff can also be bought for free. Lots more.
Download It!

Added the all in one spot mod. Which lets you put items in only one spot like rings etc.
Download It!

Added Dark Mod which does the following: This mod will make you get level ups much easier. Experience points needed is in variables of 50, 100, and 1000. This will make it much easier to gain levels. Plus more.
Download It!

Added the mod you have all been waiting for. The unique items mod. Since you all wanted it so bad I made it for you. So here it is the unique items mod.
Download It!

Well, I hope you like the updates. I got some more updates read maybe I will post them tomorrow to keep you guys having something to come back to.

September 5th, 2000 7:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry, for no updates once again. School has started and my internet was not working for 2 days and I got a lot of stuff to update.

Updated John Doe's Editor to 3.11 Download It!

Updated Burtons Character Editor to 1.5d Download It!

Added a d2 leveler 1.0 to the editors section. Download It!

Updated thebaddog's mac editor to beta 4. Download It!

I got some more updates for mods and other tools people have been submitting I will post them when I get some more time.

I also removed MI2's editor due to his request and the addon for john doe's editor was also removed due to there requests.

September 2nd, 2000 2:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Its about time for an update you say. Well, this new stuff is going to blow your mind.

Updated John Doe's Item Editor to 3.1 Download It!

Added a nice addon to john doe's editor to help with the prefixing and suffexing. Download It!

Added an awesome new item editor and character editor by Charlie. This one is great like john doe's and has tons of other neat features that john doe's does not have. Download It

Added a new section for mac hacks because of big requests. I moved the mac hacks there.

Updated BahamutZERO Editor to Beta 4 which includes a ton of fixed. I never updated the previous versions do to the fact that they were to unstable and no one got them to work. Download It!

Added a new mod editor called Tab Text Utility that is realy nice for people just making mods. Its got a pretty nice interface and just makes it possible for people without MS Excel to make there own mods easier. Download It!

Added a new tool for editing images in your mpq files called DC6Converter. Now we can make that nude mod everyone was screaming about. (I have nothing to do with it) Download It!

As for my mods. Well they work. Im just lazy. If you wish to have the installer versions of it maybe I will post it later.

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