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Since 7-13-2000

Older News!

August 29th, 2000 7:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Yet more updating is here.
First everyone is wondering about where my mods are. Well, be patient. I want to make sure they work perfect and the way I want them to before I release them.

Updated thebaddog mac editor with several bug fixes Download It!

Update the mod editor which has improved support for creating your own items. Download It!

Added a new mod called Secrete Doors that lets you see all the doors on the map that you need to find. Downoad It!

Added a new mod called super start which has the following features.
* When you start a new character you get 255 for each stat, 1000 hp, stamina, and mana each level up, and you start out with awesome items.
Download It!

August 29th, 2000 1:00 AM posted by 007Cheater

Well, the Mac editors have been updated.

Updated thebaddogs Diablo 2 Mac editor has been updated to beta 2 with some major fixes. Download it!

Added BahamutZERO's Mac editor beta 1 which is as awesome as john doe's editor but for mac. YAY! Download It!

As for my mods I promised well they actually only take me a few minutes to make and will be some really kickass mods. By due requuest I am not going to start using installers because mac users and other users are confused and sad. But if I was you would be able to use more then one mod at the time

August 27th, 2000
9:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Ive now changed the mods section to one click download. Also, side note I am going to be updating things a lot. I have done this stuff to keep it easy for me to update. It was so hard before. Anyways.... expect lots of updates. Im going to start making my own mods for the game and we are going to have some teams make more. Here is what im workin on and should be done pretty fast.

Weapons mod 1.03 - this makes all weapons you pick up or have do maximum damage and have maximum stats etc.
Defence mod 103 - this mod makes all defensive items you find pickup or are wearing there maximum defence capability as well as many other things like durability and others. Thanks to John doe for the start of it.
Unique mod 103 - this is the unique mod many people have been waiting for.

Im debating whether or not to make them as mpq or just make installers. If i make installers they will not work on mac but everything is a lot easier to work with.

August 27th, 2000 7:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Updated the whole editors section and I am workin on the others. I have made it a one click download instead of making a reviews page because it was to much of a hassle. Im converting the other pages as well.

August 27th, 2000
2:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

You are all probably saying right now "Its about time for an update" Well here is your update it may not appeal to all but it appeals to a lot. First of all lets get started.

John Doe's Editor has been updated to 3.0!!!!!!! It include visual changes as well as many other things including stat editing for items. Download It!

Mac Editor Beta 1!!! - Finally that mac editor you have all been waiting for is here. Its the first one to be released and released here first. Created by Download It

Updated Alesis Diablo 2 Character Edit to version 2.0. Download It!

There you go guys. Im really sorry I have been busy but here are your updates.

August 25th, 2000 5:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Once, again I apologize for no updates. But, on a happy note im very close to really getting hacks on battle net and I know how to make kick ass mods for diablo 2. Some really awesome mods. I am going to share them soon. I think im going to remove the reviews and stuff because its to hard to keep updated for me and other stuff. So, im going ot remove it. Maybe I can get an update tonight.

August 24th, 2000 5:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Its me the webmaster again. I am workin hard on list network and all of its sites. Im trying to get them all organized and situated at the moment. I need to setup scripts for each one etc. Please be patient. Once I finish makin sure every site works im slowly going to restructure the directories etc. So, there be some probs. But mean while I have a REALLY big update to all of the editors. By the way I fixed all the downloads. They should ALL work now since they are on this server. Also, no more probs not letting you finish downloading.

We also changed the forums back on our server. People reported having problems going to the other one.

I got my cable modem so everything shall go much faster.

August 23rd, 2000
5:00 PM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry for no updates. Im getting my cable modem tomarrow and I have been working on the home page which will look something like That right there is the design that is currently going to be it unless something drastic happens. But, if you read that page you may notice what comes with this new idea. Well, the thing that comes with it is hosting for individuals who write tutorials or individuals who have editors or trainers that need a host that does not have a banner in an odd annoying location. WIth this new idea this network will begin to grow since its ran by the community for the community.

I will prolly update all of the sites tomarrow when I get my cable modem with the new network and much more.

So stay tuned.

August 22th, 2000 7:44 PM posted by 007Cheater

A new webmaster has been chosen for team fortress 2. He is a bright new guy with a nice future. We shall see how he does. The subdomain have been activated for most of the list sites.

Warcraft 3 webmaster should be back soon to begin working on that site.

Also, the item section is now seperate from the main page. Any new items added etc will be displayed there and there only. No longer here.

August 22th, 2000 2:31 PM posted by 007Cheater

OK, finally time for an update. Its been rather slow. But, do not worry things will speed up soon. Well, I got the ftp accounts for all of the list sites as well as sections of the site. Im working on moving all the downloads to this site now and its going to take a while. But when that is done there will be no more mirrors but the downloads will all work now. Also, im going to need webmasters for the list sites that are on the way. Not yet I will post news when its time.

We finally have subdomains for our sites. They are as follows: - the web boards for the site - the new url for this site. - the new url for the topsites - the url for the item center - the new url for the saved game trader - the new url for the warcraft 3 site - baldurs gate site - team fortress 2 site - The Ultimate Cheat List! cheat code database program with thoasands of cheats and more. - listnetwork main page.

Note not all the sites are up yet because they are being worked on. So if you get blank page do not worry its under contruction.

Also, as soon as we finish uploading the files there will be an update to this site. Notice: with these new changes the saved games section and item section are subject to change because they are ran by different people. So you have to check them for updates.

August 21th, 2000
3:31 PM posted by 007Cheater

Im getting ready to update more saved games as well as im going to add the reviews my reviewers have sent me. But reviewers hello yoiu are slacking off. You only sent me a few reveiws whats up with this? Anyways I have tested out john doe's new editor and its looking great. It lets you edit the atributes this time like damage etc. It should be released soon.

As for you mac fans out there. There is a big mac editor being created by someone by the name of BahamutZERO and he is implementing tons of stuff into his editor including items editors and etc. If you are a programmer or anything of the such he needs some help doing some items and other things because the mac works differently. If you think you could help him out send him an email. Do not spam him with mail about when is it comming out he will not be to happy. Its going to be the only mac editor so help him out if you can.

Meanwhile I also think im going to make the screen shots myself since everyone stinks at it. Sorry no offence anyone. But I cannot take snaps of mods unfortunately because its to time consuming. For those maybe someone can take a snap shot and just send it to me in the default pcx format. Thanks.

August 21th, 2000
1:31 PM posted by 007Cheater

OK, update for today again.
I reorginized the mod organizer's and mod editors to the mods section.

Added D2 Mod Editor .01 really nice. Download It!

Added D2 Mod Manager .01 nice as well. Download It!

Added Apocalypse D2 1.03 Trainer. Download It!

August 21th, 2000 3:01 AM posted by 007Cheater

OK, update for today time.

Added TownKill Mod for version 1.03 of diablo 2. Download It!

Updated lucifers diablo 2 trainer. Download It!

Updated B5's tutorial on hex editing. Check it Out!

Ive come to a conclusion for everyone to take a good screen shot of john doe's newest item editor to show off its features in the best file size at the best quality possible that they will get the new job of screen shot guy. Because people are doing them in jpg and they are all destorted and pixelated. So, send me your screen shots on how you think a good screen shot would be. Then you will get the job.

August 21th, 2000 2:01 AM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry about the no updates yesterday. I was really busy and all and my birthday is comming up and you know how that is. Its on the 25th.
I come to report the battle net mod only works for the first 3 levels after that it does not work anymore. But its a start anyway. So all you fans that want us to not post battle net mods well here they are and do not work to there fullest so fear not.

Im still debating whether to post or not.I have recieved several reviews from my reviewers as well yet these screen shots stink. They should be in the highest gif quality like lots of the screen shots already there. So im going to spend some time working on that. A new mod should be posted soon as well as some more saved games and maybe an update to john doe's editor.

August 19th, 2000 3:01 PM posted by 007Cheater

As you all know school is starting soon which sucks but we will always have at least one update per day for quite a long time. Anyhow, Lots of updates today include new battle net hack that says to work but has not been fully tested its not a virus thats for sure but there are some catches to using it.

Anyway on with the updates.

Added Diablo 2 Experience Patch that adds a level up per 1000 exp on battle net in a private single you only game.
Download It!

Updated Co$MiX's Diablo Lix to .016 Download It!

Updated horadric make to 1.2 final. Download It!

Added superinventory mod for 1.03 that lets you fit all items in one space. Download It!

Added D2 Game Editor which is really a mod editor. It lets you make your own changes like monster difficulty etc. To whatever you want through a simple interface. Its a great mod editor of your own and makes the need for downloading some of the mods on the site useless now that this lets you make your own with the click of a few buttons. You can even do more then one mod at a time with this thing.
Download It!

Updated the mpq viewer data file. A ton of stuff was added that was not there before. Many missing things. Download It!

Hopefull I will update some more today because I have lots more stuff I need to post. I also need to update each page with those updates above so it may take a while.

IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS VISIT THE CHAT ROOM!!!! DO NOT PM ME which I am 007Cheater do NOT PM ME!!! Thank You!

August 18th, 2000 3:38 AM posted by 007Cheater

Added the source code for that mammoth programmer john doe. You can now download this massive code and learn how he did it.
Download John Doe's Most recent version source code!!

Added a multisave program I had laying around for a while. I guess it backs up your characters constantly while playing instead of the currddy way.
Download It!

Updated Diablo 2 Character Builder with the following fixes.
-Item size auto detect
-Greatly improved user interface
-Item browser implemented
-Fixed some bugs
- Properties edit
- Single item import/export
- Entire inventory import/export,entire stash import/export
- Compatible with itm,item,ite and d2i item file format
Download It!

August 17th, 2000 5:45 PM posted by 007Cheater

As you may notice I have gotton NO REVIEWS ahhh!!!!! OK, now I need some reviewers I had one of the team members do this last time but apparently it was not a good choice that he made. I need someone to make review for each category including Trainers, Editors, Mods, Make Your Own, and thats it. I need one person for each category. The things that must be done is update screen shots of each trainer, editors, mod etc. I recommend using snagit 32 for best file sizes and quality. Also, you must have good grammar and nice reviews that are unbiased. If you are interested this time just join the chat room on the left of this page and send a message to 007Cheater. Tell him which one you would like to do. Then he will tell you if you can have it. You MUST be able to complete ALL the items in your section within a week. Reviews must include pro's cons etc.

Here are the updates for today:
Added new 1.02 mod called bigger stash. Download It!
Added a new 400 item pack with some awesome items made by D2Extreme. Download It!

Ok, many people reported having bad links. If you are using Download Accellerator, Getright, Go!Zilla or another downloading program. You will get problems. Turn off catch clicks you will have no problem. When you click download on a page it forwards you to another page where it automatically downloads and shows you alternative download links.

As for the topsites. One cheater has already been deleted. We are keeping track and many big name diablo sites have been joining. This is a great opertunity for everyone. There will be some more updates later tonight.

Ok, for some reason you people think no one goes in the chat room. There are lots of people in it. If ya wanna hang out with us just stay in there and we can either help you or you can stay in there and help us help other people and beta test new hacks and trainers etc. So, come on in and lets get chattin.

August 16th, 2000
10:06 PM posted by 007Cheater

I have decided to create my own topsites because all of the other topsites are stupid and retarded and let people cheat. Besides the fact the hollowed matrix stole my ID just after we were deleted from the phantom star topsites. So I think its gay if you ask me considering hollowed matrix sux.
So Check Out The New Topsites!! and if you have a diablo 2 site feel free to sign up. WE DO NOT ALLOW CHEATERS!!

August 16th, 2000 8:06 PM posted by 007Cheater

Sorry about the late update today. I did not have anything to post but now I have to much so im going to post some of it now and some later.

Added necromancer battle net cheat that lets you have more items. Check It Out

Added complete list of set items and there infos. Check It Out!

Updated MI2's Trainer - Character Editor to 1.4 Download It!

Updated Horadric Mage trainer single player and multiplayer to 1.1a Download it!

Added Battle.Net Color Changer the thing you have been all looking for. Download It!

Also, on a side note we are working on our own topsites. It pretty much complete the programming and everything we just need to make a vote for us button for you all to put on your pages.


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