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Since 7-13-2000

Make Your Own

Welcome to the make your own section. This section is to aid you in making your own trainers, editors, etc for diablo 2 and possibly other games.

Check out the Mod Making Forum! And exchange ideas and get help.

Name Last Updated Rating
Diablo 2 SGE Source (Visual Basic) 08-15-2000
D2 + Expansion Hex Editing Tutorial 06-04-2001
Item Socketer Source Code (Visual Basic) 08-01-2000
GemEdit Source Code (Visual Basic) 08-01-2000
Items Mixer Source (Visual C++) 08-01-2000
Waypoint Source (Visual C++) 08-01-2000
John Doe's Editor Source (C++ Builder) 08-18-2000
Ear Extractor Source Code (C++) 8-12-2000

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