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Since 7-13-2000

Mac Hacks

Because of the great popularity that was comming from the community about mac hacks I created this new section just for them.

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Name Updated - Description Rating
Mac Editors 1.08: LOD    
Modify Diablo 7-6-01 - I assume this one modify's diablo to modify items and all kinds of neat things. I was told its very nice.
Mac Editors 1.06 and below
Diablo II Cheater 1.0 09-09-2000 - Version 1.0 can edit your stats, gold, waypoints, quests, and skills. Items are on the way in 2.0.
BahamutZERO Editor Beta 8 01-10-2001 - this is the best mac editor I have seen. It can do pretty much everything john doe's editor can do but on the mac! Adds new support for the new 1.04 version of diablo 2. Download the source code
thebaddog Mac Editor beta 4 08-29-2000 - the first mac editor which is in sit format. Its awesome and just as good as john doe's editor.
Mac Item Socketer 10-10-2000 - This makes any item you want socketed.
Crazy Nut Job 1.01 f 10-23-00 - item socketer like the one above. May work better.
D2 Rename Character 09-09-2000 - This lets you rename your character.
Server Selector 09-09-2000 - This allows you to chose what server you want to go on with battle net.
Mods 1.08b: LOD    
Mods 1.05c    
All items are rare 03 -15 - 2001 - makes all items dropped rare ones.
All Set Items 03 -15 - 2001 - makes all items dropped set items.
All unique 03 -15 - 2001 - makes all items dropped unique ones.
All Exceptional 03 -15 - 2001 - makes all items exceptionally unique.
Mods 1.04c    
Exceptional Uniques 02 - 03 - 2001- exceptional uniques come up more often.
All unique 1.04 patch 01 - 08 - 2001- makes all items dropped unique.
All set 1.04 patch 01 - 08 - 2001- makes all items dropped set.
All rares 1.04 patch 01 - 08 - 2001- makes all items dropped rare.
Mods 1.03c    
Jungle Fever mod V1 12-4-2000 - This mod features all monsters in act 1 changed for spiders and fetish's. Itemratio is changed so that lots of rares and uniques are dropped. Books can hold 70 scrolls. And a few other surprises. Hidden in the game is a set of items called 'Death Razor' with items for all classes. I have pre-made a set of characters wearing the death razor items, which you can optionally download
BossMadness 11-29-2000 - an awesome port of the boss madness mod for pc to the mac. The name says it all. This all started as a stupid bit of fun. I made 250 chickens appear in town. Taking it further I added Andarial to the monsters that appeared on the blood moor. I later added Mephisto, Duriel and a load of cows. I've increased the number that appear as well, don't be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by 5 or 6 mephisto's at once. more....
All shrines gems 11-29-2000 - this makes all shrines gem shrines.
All Set Items Mod 11-27-2000 - This mod of course makes all items set items.
007Cheater Ultimate Mod 10-10-2000 - This mod gives you ultimate weapons and ultimate armor. It also now works on the mac.
All the current mods in the mods section work for the mac to.

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