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Since 7-13-2000


Welcome to the diablo 2 editors section. Every editor works in D2 No matter what the version. Some just have a few problems while others do not.

Cant get anything working? Visit the Forum!!
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Name Updated - Description Rating
Item Editors With import export features
John's Doe's Item Editor 3.12 *

Item Calculator Plugin
09-10-2000 - Best editor around to date, simple, easy, and lets you hack to the extreme. I use this one myself more than any other. You want the best? This is it!

10-05-2000 - Automaticaly calculate item type and set/uniq id from the mpq(mod) and by doing so, simplified the process of adding item pack with that has new stuff added (+weapon +armor +misc +set +uniq) mod of yours.
Charlie's Item Editor 3.5 09-02-2000 This tight editor is everything john doe's is and more. Its got item editing and tons of kickass stuff. You can move stuff around in your inventory and identify stuff.
Hardcore Hackers Item Editor 1.1 08-01-2000 - This is a new character/item editor. The character editor is first rate. but, I like John's item editor much more, its a lot easier to understand.
Jamela's D2 Editor 3.1 *NEW* 01-20-2000 - An awesome editor giving a new term to the fact that john doe's is no longer the best. But this is not the best but it rocks!!
Clan Mom Editor 1.1 | Source Code 10-11-2000 - A pretty neat editor with tons of unique features. Stands out from the rest.
Evil B Item Editor 09-09-2000 - This is just a plain item editor that lets you do the things the other ones do. No Character editing etc.
Diablolysis 08-01-2000 - Another item editor that is quite messy but can still get the job done. Really hard to use.
DiabolicALL Editor 1.15a 09-09-2000 -A very nice new editor with a great future ignoring the installer. It has cool sounds and graphics which add to its originality.
Damien Legros Editor Beta .04 08-05-2000 -A nice new item editor to go with john doe's. This has a nice interface and everything.
zhusl Chracter Builder 2.2 08-18-2000 - This is yet another character editor. It has features of an item editor but those features are not yet programmed. This may be a nice new item editor in the future. We shall keep our eye on it.
Character Editors    
Zarkow D2 Editor Beta 2 09-30-2000 - This editor goes beyond the part of good. Its totally different by helping you get the most out of your character.

Wamplace SGE 1.1 Beta 1 *Update*

09-30-2000 - An awesome character editor hosted by and just posted. Check this bad boy out cuzz it kicks ass.

Stealth's Editor .01

09-09-2000 - Yet another basic character editor. This one pretty much bites compared to the rest.
Divine Editor 1.0 08-01-2000 - This is a great editor for editing your saved games. Really easy to use and guranteed to work unlike some game trainers.
Damien Legros Editor 1.6 08-01-2000 - Much needed update! Fixes 80% of the old primary bugs with the old version. This editor has been brought back form the grave.
Juicy's Editor 1.75 *Update* 08-30-2000 - Decent editor which is going to make its way back to usefullness.
IceTeaMan's Imbue Editor 1.2 08-01-2000 - Recently updated to v1.2, not much has changed in this version. More of a "goody-bug" than an actual editor, it still provides some nice things no one else does. =)
JinXed's Editor 2.0 08-01-2000 - Recently updated with minor bug fixes. A good editor packed with most standard issue stuff. Good overall. =)
The-Wall's Editor 2.21 08-11-2000 - An okay editor, very basic set up, seems to be capable of a lot. Uses a spreadsheet-like format, just condenced, give it a try. =)
Niklas Charedit 2.0 08-27-2000 - Yet another character editor with nice graphics and a nice installer. Decent, basicly more of the same stuff we have all seen already.
Co$MiXz Editor .016 08-19-2000 - Easy interface. Character backup and restore options. All waypoints editable. Easy MAX option for skills. Gold Edits perfectly. Renaming option. New complete quest editing
Fango's Editor 1.1 08-01-2000 - A solid game editor with some pretty advanced options etc.
Kean Editor 1.0 08-01-2000 - A solid game editor programmed mostly to be completely workable instead of many options.
Lrrlicht! Diablo 2 Cheat 1.4 08-06-2000 - A nice and yet one of the better editors same basic features as many others but this one is up to par.
Xtravard Editor 1.0 08-01-2000 - Once again another character editor this one is actually got a nice cool looking interface just like diablo 2. So, its really easy to use and understand.
LLC Editor (French) 1.0 08-02-2000 - This editor is very basic and like out of date compared to the others and worst of all its in french.
Peleg's Blesser .73 08-12-2000 - An editor that goes beyond the point where saying hey the information on our site does help people make there own stuff.
Burton's Diablo 2 Editor 1.5d ** 09-05-2000 - A nice editor which is quite good and complete like most others.
Basic Editors    
Item Generator 1.91 by CheatList 11-29-2000 - This awesome just recently updated generator makes you items in a range of your selection. Its really neat.
D2 Leveler 1.0 08-05-2000 - This lets you easily level your character when you want to.
Disk 2's Gem Edit 1.10 08-01-2000 - A neat little program which can make all your gems perfect. Also converts health and mana potions to any type of gem you want.
Disk 2's Item Socketer 1.10 08-01-2000 - The only program of its kind, this handy thing will make helms, shields, or weapons socketed! =)
Disk 2's Act Changer 1.0 08-01-2000 - An awesome editor that lets you change the acts that you are in.
Cheat List Character Changer 1.0 08-06-2000 - This magical thing lets you change the look of your character on the character select screen to up to 30 different characters. Its also in chat it changes but when you start the game it returns to normal.
CoYoTe99's Way Point Editor 1.0 08-01-2000 - This is a great editor that lets you activate way points as well as change the level your character is on. It can let you have all way points in your waypoint option screen.
Movie Editor 1.0 08-01-2000 - This will activate all the movies for you and let you view them from within diablo 2.
Crazy Orchild's Gold Master 1.0 08-01-2000 - Makes a new character for your game that is stocked with tons of items. You run the dos program, and pick what type of item you want to make. After that, you copy all the gold.* files to your diablo 2/save directory, and run the game....pick Gold as your character. He'll have the items....this is best used WITH D2edit.
GruK's Items Mixer 1.1 08-01-2000 - This little software enables you to choose the ratio of set/rare/unique items dropped by the monsters when dying. It works pretty well in Diablo2 v1.02 and others versions.
Odie's Auto Imbue 1.0 08-01-2000 - This automatically imbues everything you are wearing.
JJ's Load Items 3.1 08-07-2000 - Want to compare 100 rare Gauntlets in an hour? LoadItems fills your inventory with rare items. You choose the base item (ie Ancient Sword) and LoadItems randomly generates the modifiers.
Item Creator by Unknown 08-06-2000 - This is not an item editor. Instead, it creates items in your MAIN Inventory.
Black Vipers Editor 1.2 08-05-2000 - Once yet another editor this one is supposed to be used for item editor but I cant seem to get it to work. This one had a nice start but apparently did not finish.

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