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Since 7-13-2000

D2 Expansion Editors

Guess what, the hacks by mousepad on the Battle.Net hacking page also work on D2 Exp :)

If you are interested in making your own editors, be sure to check out the B5 and Geldon Hex Editing Tutorial.

Cant get anything working? Visit the Forum!!
Or try download the Diablo 2 Hack List! Required Files (3.38mb)
Name Updated - Description Rating
Item Editors With import export features
Shadow Master .87 Beta*NEW* 11-11-2001 - One of the only and good editors for the Diablo 2 Expansion.
Jamela's D2 Editor 4.0 Beta 9c*NEW* 10-2-2001 - The awesome jamella editor now works with Diablo 2 Expansion. This is fixed with the latest versions of the game, no longer has compatability problems with D2 1.09c.
Diablo 2 Corruption Beta 2 11-11-2001 - A nice editor that has interesting features seperate from the other editors while the same old features are also included.
Character Editors    
Basic Editors    
Quest Reset V3.0 beta 1 8-14-2001 - this tool lets you reset quest's so you can do them again, this to benefit the things you receive from quests.

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