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Since 7-13-2000

Battle.Net Tools

Name Updated - Description Rating
Working Closed Battle.Net Tools  
D2 Hack It 0.52 *Updated* 12-30-2001 -This is an incredible tool, if you want to dupe, or learn how to dupe, this tool can help you do it, it helps you hack anything and everything in Diablo 2, it uses a simple plugin technology and you can download modules for it.
Rune *New* 11-17-2001 - a simple and small utility that allows you to change the color and sounds for runes, gems, jewels, and charms when they fall in the game. It has a set of built in sounds, however you can add you own custom sounds in. It seems buggy. You need to run it from your D2 Directory.
Grab It 1.2c*Works* 11-25-2001 - Grab those items fast, this automates the pick up item process. New updated version!
WinKey Assassin *Should Be Working* 11-11-2001 - This tool, although cool sounding what it merely does is disable those darn windows keys on your keyboard, makes it so you can't accidentally hit it when you are playing.
D2 Loader 1.09B *Should Be Working* 11-11-2001 - A tool that lets you do stuff with your game such as play without the cd, advanted window options and much more.
No Longer Working Battle.Net Tools  
D2 Macro *Might Be Working* 10-02-2001 - d2macro is designed to make tedious tasks such as whispering, casting/attacking combos, and repeated messages [like "Invite plz"] easy as a touch of a button. The user simply assigns a set of commands (Keypress, Right/Left mouse clicks, and Delays) to a Hotkey. It works in all single- and multi-player modes.
Auto Hits *Might Be Working* 08-26-01 - Attack monsters/players on your screen by clicking on them without moving (Client side).
D2 Sniff It! *New* *Might Be Working* 11-11-2001 - A great and awesome packet sniffer, get all your packet sniffing done with the blink of an eye.
TechWarriors Packet Sender Version 3 *Might Be Working* 11-11-2001 - TechWarriors famouse packet sender is here, it lets you mess with packets like never before, for advanced users.

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