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Since 7-13-2000

Battle Net Hacks

Because of the pure challenge of closed battle net hacks. We have created a special section dedicated to hacking multiplayer. Plus Tools you need.

Disscuss your findings and share hacking techniques?
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Or try download the Diablo 2 Hack List! Required Files (3.38mb)
Name Updated - Description Rating
Working Closed Battle.Net Hacks  
Mouse's Map Hack 4.3 *Updated* 11-17-2001 - the famous map hack is here, this latest incarnation works with the latest and greatest of diablo 2's :)
Trade Hack D2 Hack It Plugin! *New* 11-25-2001 - This new trade hack is a very reliable one, it require D2 Hack It Found on the Battle.Net Tools page, this should hold everyone until we release TechWarriors Trade Hack.
D2 Hardcore Hack *New* 11-25-2001- Allows you to convert your hardcore character to a normal one.
Identify Hack *New* 11-25-2001 - A tool that lets you identify stuff without the use of scrolls.
Colors hack *Should Be Working* 6-17-2001 - Allows you to use colors easier when chatting.
D2 Hack It Modules
These modules let you do some pretty crazy things with D2 Hack It, unfortunately my info is not very descriptive, but im sure you can figure them out by the file names.
anim8 1.0 This module lets you play animated messages over your head. Its a fun visual effect, but completely useless from a hacking point of view :)
Auto Skills v0.61 Auto Skills casts spells in a game automatically, regularly for every x
Block 1.0 This module lets you block certain incoming or outging packets in game.
tr 0.01 This is a trainer module. When loaded, it allows you to telewalk,
auto-identify items when talking to NPC, resync your position with the
server when you encounter the black wall of lag/telewalk, auto-pick up of
your corpse, and disabling of item pickup when you've got your corpse lying
Drop 1.0 This is a module that will drop other players from your game. If done correctly,
the players in your visible area will get an assertion error and their game will
have to be restarted.
Grab it tries to grab all uniques,charms and juwels...
ID 2.0 This module gives you an automatic ID from ANY NPC in the game.
Merc 0.6 This has unknown effects by me.
One Side I do not know what this does yet, sounds cool.
PvpBuddy 1.0 This module helps you out in PvP games by hiding ears and gold to
reduce lag.
No Longer Working Battle Net Hacks  
Trade Hack *Old* 11-11-2001 - a certain few have learned how to crash others and get there items, this is a tool you can use.
Mouse's Map Hack 4.2 11-11-2001 - the famous map hack is here, this latest incarnation works with the latest and greatest of diablo 2's :)
Trade Crash 11-11-2001 - a certain few have learned how to crash others and get there items, this is a tool you can use.
Anti-Trade Crash 11-11-2001 - but you can protect yourself, use this tool to protect yourself from the trade crash.
Colors hack 6-17-2001 - Allows you to use colors easier when chatting.
Mouse's Map Hack 3.6 8-11-2001 -This hack allows you to see all of the map with the push of the button. D2 Expansion Crash Fixed. Map Hack Addon Here
Item Grabber 7-17-2001 - a tool which lets you automatically pick up items that are dropped before your buddies do.
Mouse's HardCore Hack 6-18-2001 - This hack allows you to convert your character to a hardcore character easily.
Grabit Demo 08-14-01 - this tool similar to hello2k's tool but extremely fast. It picks up potions and gold in super fast speed.
Griffin's Eyes v0.20 8-07-2001 - This program aids you in your quest to get the most experience, it tells you where all the high experience guys are.
TechWarriors Packet Sender 2.02a 8-07-2001 -TechWarrior has release an awesome packet sender, allowing you to send packets to the game whenever you please.
Tech Warriors Duel Wielder 8-07-2001 -allows you to duel wield items which you normally would not be able to do :)
PK Took Kit - beta 3 6-17-2001 - This hack allows you to see what anyone is wearing on them. You can spot newbies and see if you have better shit then them.
Hardcore Hack 6-17-2001 - This hack allows you to make your character hardcore by converting it. Required game hack.
DuperDeluxe - Money drop variation 6-17-2001 - A variation of this hack to try different things.
DuperDeluxe 6-17-2001 - A hack to help dupe of course. Although it no longer works.
Yobguls Gamble Hack 02-04-2001 - Another hack. This has been out for a while but only hidden in the forums. This is a public release.
D2 Sniffer .04 01-29-2001 - This battle net hack currently allows many various things within battle net. Currently it is most used for its gambling hacking ability.
Speed Hack 10-27-2000 - The second battle net closed hack made by tech warrior. This hack lets you go really fast walk and run speed while playing on battle net. So you can easily dodge monster or run away from people.
Hostility hack 10-27-2000 - the hack that revolutionized battle net hacking. Lets you go hostile anywhere other then town.
Necro Extra Items Battle.Net Bug 08-16-2000 - get extra items.
Duping On Realms 10-05-2000 - just as it sounds.

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