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How To Use Items By: 007Cheater

Downloading Items From Our Item Database First of all, if you are having problems downloading items from our database, before posting on our forum for help, please try to SHIFT+LEFT CLICK on the link. this should solve any problems.

Once you have the .itm or .item file on your computer, you will need a copy of John Doe's Editor v2.2 which can be obtained here: once you download this unzip it into a separate folder. run the program (.exe) and then goto File/Open and search for the file: "yourcharactersname.D2S".

A bunch of the white empty boxes should have numbers in them containing your stats and other things. Down near the bottom click the Edit items box. this should open another window, where there are a few gray boxes called Stash, Inventory, Horadric Cube, Belt. the Blue Squares in these views indicate spaces in these assorted areas that already have an object occupying them.

Click on a open space (gray, with no blue boxes in it) then click the 'Load Item Into Selected Slot' button. this should open up another search dialogue. Now, remember that .ITM that we downloaded at the beggining? goto the folder that you saved that at, and double click it. The Item that you just downloaded has now been put into this Character. Goto File/Save to save your changes. your all set. Happy Hacking!

- This Tutorial Made by FireStorm --Member of

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