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How to USE JOHN DOE'S D2 Editor/Item Editor (tutorial by Tekmage)

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Item Packages
JDXXX's Itemz
Zero1's Items
Snow Thief's Weapons
Sholl's Character Items
Lawrence's Items
Lacider's Items
Michael's Swords
Michael's Rings
Iceman's Rare House Items
Horny Demon's 150 Bows
Docinva's Executioner's Swords
Mike's Items
Item +46
Items +260
Items +500
Items +154
Set Items +63
DarkOnes +324
Extreme Unique +122
Neweden +411
Psi_Silicon +6992 Rare Gems
Satan66677 +447 Item Pack
D2Extreme +400 Item Pack
Satan's 120 Ornate Plates
Satan's 37 Ancient Swords
Iowans Normal Items

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