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Since 7-13-2000


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Personal Note: Welcome to the new diablo 2 section. This site was created for a center or start base of all diablo 2 hacking and editing. It will be where you go to start your day and time with diablo 2 hacking. Its nice and organized and has everything you could want. Its also the origin of all hacking. No matter what someone says the site probably stole the stuff from this site. Because this was the first site and I have worked hard to get trusts of many of the actual editor makers and etc. So please support this site and help it LIVE on against the other sites stealing from us!


Server Move and STUFF
Posted by 007Cheater on December 13, 2001 at 10:36

I changed a ton of stuff, and many times other things, I updated and added all the things you need to dupe to the bnethacks page. I also moved servers again, make sure you are using because it will be updated to whatever you need.

Havok Battle Net
Posted by Skull on December 13, 2001 at 10:36

Hate people talking evil at you in a game and calling you a ¤#€£@$@£ ?
Then download this nice little o module from here or here

Auto Skills v0.56 for D2HackIt released
Posted by Skull on December 12, 2001 at 9:19

Changes since 0.50

v0.56 (12-Dec-2001)
* '.auto swap 1' Swap weapon before auto-recast and swap back to original weapon tab after recast.
* '.auto swap 0' Don't swap weapon before/after auto recast
* '.auto swap' show swap weapon settings.
v0.55 (12-Dec-2001)
* Auto cast setting is now saved in AUTO.INI for each character. The settings will be read from INI file when a character join a game.
* '.auto aura' and '.auto at' are now command exclusively for Paladin
* '.auto swap' swap weapon when casting is under testing. Don't bother with it yet.
Download it FAQ

New Modules for D2HackIt
Posted by Skull on December 12, 2001 at 3:56

Some of the people helping thohell to create the modules are starting to pull of some nice stuff. The first module is Anim8 1.0

Download it here or here or go to my hack page here.

Next module is very nice. It will let the player block certains packets from the game. Download it here or here or go to my hack page here.
Forums are down due to a temporary move to a faster server.

D2HackIt! v0.52 released
Posted by Skull on December 9, 2001 at 9:24

Yes he did it again! D2HackIt is now even better than it was before. Download here or here.
Changes since 0.45 are:
0.46 2001-12-03 Added .dll to possible module extenstions
0.47 2001-12-03 Rewrote GamePacketReceived slightly
0.48 2001-12-03 Added .repeat
0.49 2001-12-03 Fixed cancelling of sent packets
0.50 2001-12-08 Streamlined packet cancelling code a little
0.51 2001-12-08 Fixed problem with error messages when exiting d2
0.52 2001-12-09 Added | for multiple commands per line (ClckWtchr)

Source code
Posted by Skull on December 8, 2001 at 13:49

The sourcecode for the IG 4.3 has been released. It is now available for a public download at this url. I have also created a small hacks site so that I can list all hacks. I am sick of bad urls or disorganization and lack of updates. Check my page.

Tons of new hacks
Posted by Skull on December 8, 2001 at 11:19

There is a massive update on the hacking front. First of all Techwarrior created a new hack for us all. The Tele-Walk will let you walk through walks and teleport you when walking. Techwarrior also released a simple packet sniffer for us. Get it right here.
There are 2 new plugins for thohell´s D2HackIt as well. The first one is the identify hack that has been converted to be a working module for. Get it here.
The second plugin will allow you to minimize the trade window on your side so that you can walk, run and even fight monsters while still in the trade. A hack that could be used for a duping method if we find any glitches. Download it here.
The last hack is the Item Grabber 4.3. It has a lifer watcher and a battle buddy implented. Download it here.

Maphack Updated + Source Code
Posted by Skull on December 6, 2001 at 0:18

Few hours after Blizzard patched maphack it got updated again. Get Maphack v4.3c here.
Also be sure to download the MapHack Companion here. A very nice tool helping you to use the awsome Maphack.
There are also source codes to learn from now. The newest is thohell´s source code for the Trade Hack module (no longer working). Get the awsome and popular module right here.

Auto Skills v0.50 for D2HackIt released
Posted by Skull on December 4, 2001 at 22:04

The auto skills has been updated and is now featuring some nice things.
- Aura flash for Paladin, up to a sequence of 8 auras
- Statistics for Auto Skills added
- FAQ included
Download it from here or here
Visit thohell´s official site right here
Got some questions? Visit the official discussion thread right here

Project Bnetd + New D2HackIt Module Plugin
Posted by Skull on December 1, 2001 at 4:59

I doubt that many of you ever heard about this so I am writing it for you all. The project
attempts to emulate Blizzard's service. If short threm this means that by downloading the
nescesarry files you can create you own Battle Net!!
More good news is that they develop binary bots too and that its all open source!! Visit the official bnetd
site right here .
Their development counterpart can be visited right here .
Lately they released a new and full version of the D2 v.109c realm servers. A very professional site with alot of
people knowing their way around B.Net.
Thx to Dymo-dcc for the info.
There is a new module for the D2HackIt, called Auto Skills 0.30. The module is for auto cast skills for all classes except Amazon. Download it here .

Downloads Updated!
Posted by 007Cheater on November 25, 2001 at 8:24

I have added the following downloads the the following pages, added the only working bot to the bots page, I added the new trade hack to the Bnet Hacks page, I also added the identify hack and hardcore hack latest versions to those pages. Have fun!

Oh ya, tech warrior should be out with a new trade hack soon :)

We also lost one of our download mirrors, we need more download mirrors :(

Working Battle Net Bot
Posted by Skull on November 24, 2001 at 6:57

Blizzard tried to kill the bots but they failed as we could expect :) DemiNeo hexed a bot with alot of features and published it. It is one of the only bots that work on Battle Net.
Edit: Whoa you people downloaded it way to many times. DemiNeo will update with working links in the forums. Go here to see the topic.

Hardcore Hack + Identify Hack Updated!
Posted by Skull on November 23, 2001 at 11:29

The Hardcore hack and the Identify hack are both upgraded to work with the newest version on D2X. It seems that Blizzard´s attempt to kill the hacks was no match for mousepad and Nuttzy. Get Hardcore hack here and get Identify hack here

GrabIT 1.2b Released
Posted by Skull on November 23, 2001 at 11:28

Nuttzy did it again! His GI is now compatibel with the latest version on D2X. Get it here
Also please do visit our forums for questions about the program.

Its Back!
Posted by intex420 on November 23, 2001 at 8:01

Diablo 2 world is back under a secret url they don't wanna tell us( i wonder what there doing *snicker* *snicker*) theres already been reports of our files being copied and pasted on a different server.

New D2HackIt v0.45
Posted by Skull on November 21, 2001 at 8:13

The new hack features - Binaries only Export GameSendPacketToGame for modules, Added OnGameTimerTick event for modules, Added D2Loader support, Rewrote load/unload of clients to be more reliable. Includes new bind, sniffer and PvPBuddy!
Go to his site here or at mirror here or ask questions in his official dev forum at here and download the new and extremly exiting hack from thohell.

Cheatliist Forums Link
Posted by Nyx on November 17, 2001 at 9:19

If you are currently having problems connecting to the Cheatlist forums, please try here.

Battle.Net Hacking Pages Updated!
Posted by 007Cheater on November 17, 2001 at 7:27

I have updating the Battle.Net Hacks and Tools pages. They now have all the current working hacks on them including the new ones such as PVP and Rune as well as a few others and the MAP Hack is also up for download. Have fun! :)

Mousepad's MapHack v4.3 for D2 v1.09c
Posted by Nyx on November 16, 2001 at 15:05

Mousepad has released a new version, and it is now compatable with D2 version 1.09c. :)

MapHack description:
Realm hack for Diablo II v1.09c that reveals automap of entire act, including all quest features, cave/stairs/doorway level names, position of many shrines and thier type! Also shows all shrines sooner with different graphics for most shrine types, has toggleable full screen light radius, full infravision and sunny weather, toggable nearby monsters show on automap, hostile players and special monsters different colours, runes and charms different colours, and many settings configurable.

Get your copy of the program here!

For questions, comments, help-
MapHack v4.3 Thread.

New Hack released/New Tool released
Posted by Skull on November 15, 2001 at 8:29

The first *new* hack to be released for 1.09c is a module for D2HackIt!
PvPBuddy is a module that helps out in PvP games by hiding ears and gold to reduce lag. It supports setting level of ear and amount of gold if you, for example, want to collect level 99 ears but ignore the rest.
This was released by thohell and he told me it would reduce the lag in PvP games alot. His official site is here and there is a mirror here
He has development forums where he will stand ready to answer questions about D2HackIt and the modules it supports.
Do remember that D2HackIt is impossible to patch because of that it has no hard-coded adressess, it finds them when running.

The Rune Color Patch is a simple and small utility that allows you to change the color and sounds for runes, gems, jewels, and charms when they fall in the game. It has a set of built in sounds, however you can add you own custom sounds in, just pay attention to the note.
Download here

The dumbest Blizzard employee
Posted by Skull on November 15, 2001 at 7:36

Yes people this is true! The people you talk to on the B.Net servers knows jack shit about the way B.Net works. All they can do is to sit and talk about the games the REAL programmers do. If fact I belive allmost all members could do what they do. See a small chat of where AlenL really IS stupid!
See the chat here

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